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Our Essential Paper is the most popular, economical and versatile printing paper. Due to its semi-gloss characteristic, it is used for many different purposes, such as Business Cards, Posters, Flyers and other marketing materials. If you are having difficulty in choosing your paper stock options, you will never go wrong with our Essential Paper! Available in white, from 150 gsm to 310 gsm, has similar texture on both sides.


Our Stardust Paper has a unique ostentatious look, with glitters that shimmer like sparkling dust. The shimmering finish of Stardust Paper creates a beautiful finish by projecting the quality of the paper through minimalistic designs. It is ideal for anyone who is interested in having eye-catching designs, while the uncoated surface makes it easy for you to write with any pen. The distinctive glimmer of Stardust Paper adds a sui generis effect suitable for your Business Cards, and even photos and illustrations. Available in eight colours, 190 gsm, has similar texture on both sides.


Our superfine Blanc Paper is one of our popular printable paper. The elegant snowy white Blanc Paper is known for its simple and timeless appeal. Due to its clean look, it is suitable for Business Cards, Invitation Cards, Bookmarks, Posters for photos/illustrations and many more. Available in white, 250 gsm, has similar texture on both sides.


We are proud to present you with one of our unrivalled superfine printing paper by Mohawk. As the name implies, our Eggshell Paper has a magnificent texture that is uncoated and smooth to the touch. Our superfine Eggshell Paper inspires great design with its timeless and elegant appeal, suitable for printing Business Cards or Invitation Cards. Available in one colour (comparable to eggshell colour), 270 gsm, has dissimilar texture on both sides where the front-side surface is slightly smoother.

(Increase durability from stains, moisture, grease, smudges, tears and anything else that might shorten their useful life.)



Matte finish - a smooth and natural finish that is suitable for both photo and graphic design work.




Glossy finish - a deep and reflective finish that makes photographic work "pop" from the page.


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