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Our Art Paper is the most popular, economical and versatile printing paper. If you are having difficulty in choosing your paper stock options, you can never go wrong with our Art Paper!


We are proud to present you with one of our unrivalled superfine printing paper by Mohawk. Our superfine Eggshell Paper inspires great design with its timeless and elegant appeal.


Chromo Paper is a high-gloss paper that has an impressive shine. It enhances colours due to its coated surface, perfect for photographs and drawings/illustrations.


Our Linen Paper has a noticeably detailed texture which resembles weave patterns. The timeless texture gives off a sophisticated look, delivering an impression of superior quality.


Our Jasmine Paper has a unique ostentatious look, with glitters that shimmer like sparkling dust. The shimmering finish of Jasmine Paper creates a beautiful finish by projecting the quality of the paper through minimalistic designs.


The Pisces Paper has a highly-demanded texture with a highly printable white shade. Our Pisces Paper has a timeless signature of natural elegance, inspired by the pattern of carbon fibre.


We are proud to present you with one of our unrivalled superfine printing paper by Mohawk. The Digivia Paper features a popular texture that is suitable for any kind of occasions. Digivia Paper is a versatile printing paper used today.


Our Buffalo Paper has natural elegance due to its unique texture. The special feel of the paper is impossible to imitate, which makes your designs appear stylish to the eyes of your audience.

Large Format Poster

Large format prints are one of the most attention-getting marketing products out there. Our posters are perfect for those who want to promote small events or even give presentations.You can even order extra large cinema style posters in A0 format. Our posters will definitely stand out with our sophisticated and thick quality printing machines.Can be printed on 180gsm paper with high durability, your message will be vibrant and attract attention.


Print your Instagram photos as Polaroid prints and share those great moments with your friends! Printed on our 260gsm paper, this Retro Instagram print will make every shot look like it just popped out of a time machine.

Both Sided Business Cards

Business cards are ignition switches that start a continuous conversation between your prospect and your brand.In today's highly competitive environment, different marketing materials - such as business cards that are catchy and easy to remember - encourage the interest of potential customers in you and your business.

Single-Sided Posters

The single-sided poster is perfect for you who plans to have your posters placed on walls or in frames. You can choose from the Modern A3+ size (32.5 x 48.8 cm) up to iGeneration 36 x 66 cm size. Learn more about our finest papers to know which material is best for your printing needs.

Phone Case

We offer on-demand phone case printing. We automatically print & ship mobile casing with your design! There is no minimum, and no hassles! Our printing process uses a sophisticated UV printer and can produce prints of your design with high quality, sharp and clear.

Business Calendar

Want to make marketing that lasts all year? Try printing a desk calendar. A personalized desk calendar is a smart way to promote your business every day of the year. Of course, the desk calendar is not just for business. They are perfect for non-profit organizations, schools, car dealers, real estate agents, financial institutions, photographers, artists, and other organizations who want to stay at the forefront of people's minds. Share with customers, family and friends, and put your brand right on their desk so that others can see it. This is an interesting way to advertise your business to prospects - plus, a personalized desk calendar makes amazing gifts for friends and family.

DL Envelopes

Envelopes are as important as the materials contained in them.Professionally printed colorful envelopes bring a sparkle to your company's correspondence and direct mail communications that are unmatched by desktop printers.Envelopes must be designed to fit your letterhead in the corporate environment and motivate prospects to open and read your sales letter in the direct marketing environment.

Canvas UV Prints

Decorate your home with our Canvas UV Prints, our printers use oil-based inks that have the ability to produce layers of ink of different thickness to express tactile effects.

Digital Brochures

Our brochure allows you to tell more fully about your company and what it can do. Different paper stock options and sizes help you get the right look for your project, whether you make flyers, takeaway or presentations. What's more, each brochure is neatly folded before being sent to you - meaning you can immediately start using it.

Mini Boxes

Cute and compact packaging choices for your smallest item. This exciting packaging option is available in three unique styles using pre-made mold templates - these boxes offer the perfect size for packing small gift items and products.

Single Sided Tags

Make your brand stand out. We know that the ideal tag is very interesting and functional. We strive to offer the best quality printing on the most unique paper stock, in various shapes and sizes to suit every product, both large and small. Choose the right grommet size depending on your needs.

Wall Calendar

Calendar is one of the smartest ways to ensure your business or brand is seen by dozens, hundreds or thousands of people every day. That's why many businesses share free wall calendars with customers. Have your personal calendar with us and get noticed now!

Wedding Invitation Cards

Invitation cards are the best way to attract attendees to social or business events, whether you hold seminars, religious ceremonies, weddings, birthday parties, or anything else that requires a gathering of people. All invitations are not made the same, and printing your personal invitation is a superior way to show the importance and prestige for your event.

Offset Brochures

Promotional brochures are one of the most important marketing tools that businesses use to deliver value to customers. Our experts have more than 30 years of combined experience in all aspects of print and they are ready to share that knowledge to help your business achieve your own brand of success. A brochure with the right touch will tell customers the value of your brand before they even read a word. The appearance, the feel or the interaction with an interesting folds makes you memorable.

Promotional Fan

Want some interesting marketing tools? Why not try having a promotional hand fan? Custom hand fans are ideal for various events such as exhibitions, giveaways, and invitations. It's very conventional, simple, flashy and super useful!

Die-Cut Stickers

Do you need unique stickers for labeling or collection? The die-cut stickers are for you who are looking to create special and exciting products. Maximise the number of stickers that you need with the material size we provide for you. Let our experts cut them precisely and accurately for you with no minimum order.