About Us

We strive to deliver exceptional quality prints at the best price

We are a paper and printing company that aims to be the solution for start-up and existing companies.

It is our pleasure to work with you because we understand that pricing has a significant impact on your decision in choosing your printer.

Our goal is to be your best printing partner. Not only that we offer affordable print cost, but we also use the latest combination of digital and offset printing technology by Xerox and Heidelberg to deliver high-caliber print quality.

With this, gang-run printing and a combination of digital and offset printing allow us to deliver your orders at a very short period of time.

The main printing machines we trust: Xerox iGen Digital Press, Xerox Colour 800i Digital Press, Versant 3100 Digital Press, just a few Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 and Heilderberg Speedmaster 74.

Don't know how to design? No worries!

You can work with our world-class design expert.

One of the few secrets in making a successful business is through great design. Your design exposes parts of you and your company.

It is a way of communication explicitly which makes your company stand out in the industry.

If you know how to design and wish to make a personalised order, you can request us a quote.

We create things the way you desire it to be.

The slogan of our company is short but powerful: “Realising creative minds”...
...of creative creators, enterprises, corporate firms & legal local organisations who want to make a greater impact to the society.

Why should you choose Indah Jaya X GIVIST today

We are here online to inspire people around the world and communicate your ideas and creativity into unique and stunning tangible goods.

Just like you, we do love great designs and it has been a proven selling point that works.

We are the paper connoisseurs. We started off as a paper supply company since 1981, that is why we know what paper and of which country of origin is best as printing materials.

Our knowledge in paper allows us to only provide you with the top standard of printing materials.

You might want to print with materials other than paper. No Problem! Here are the printable materials we have: textile, leather, canvas, silicones, rubbers (e.g., phone case), stickers (e.g., marketing materials, vehicles), acrylics.

Your prints are handled by our print and finishing experts equipped with the best printing technologies. It is no surprise that we are trusted by many corporate clients.