Photo Print Sizes

Custom Size

Create your own custom size photo print - from tiny to gigantic sizes!

4R (10cm x 15cm)

4R is a very suitable size for shooting landscapes and high portrait photos. Because the size is not too small and not too large, many albums, frames, and other accessories are available for this popular print size. Suitable for photos taken using a digital camera and cellphone camera. The aspect ratio is 2 by 3 and the optimal resolution is 600 x 900 pixels.

5R (13cm x 18cm)

5R is the right choice for rectangular prints where you want to attract more attention to the subject, suitable for photos of buildings and people. 5R has a slightly larger size and is not as narrow as 4R. The aspect ratio is 5 by 7 and the optimal resolution is 1500 x 2100 pixels.

8R (20cm x 25cm)

The 8R print is the perfect size for your group photos and portrait photos. Because of its very popular size, you will find amazing choices of frames and accessories. The aspect ratio is 4 by 5 and the optimal resolution is 2400 x 3000 pixels.

11R (28cm x 36cm)

11R is the perfect size for those who have 5R photos but looking for something a little more impressive. This attention-raising magnification is four times larger than the standard 5R. The aspect ratio is 11 by 4 and the optimal resolution is 3300 x 4200 pixels.